The GT

The G.T. is a high volume sea kayak that is fast and especially easy to manoeuvre, combine this with predictable and precise stability and you've got a sea kayak that handles like a dream! The hull can carry a significant expedition load but is designed to be as manoeuvrable and nimble as a smaller kayak. The cockpit is roomy for good levels of comfort on long trips and the front day hatch makes it easy to access to all those little on the water essentials. The G.T. is ideally suited to the 'one-boat' role; equally at home for expedition paddling, weekend touring or day trip paddling.

Between the Lines:
Sit in the G.T. and you'll be surprised! It's a long, fast boat with plenty of volume but manoeuvres like a much shorter sea kayak. The precise edging and progressive lean control mean it rewards the skilful paddler but also provides a stable and confident platform for all, even in the roughest of conditions. The G.T. has impressive speed and impeccable manners when running downwind too.

G.T. - In the Detail:
Hull: Length: 17 feet 10 inches - Width: 21 inches - Volume: 380 litres

The full performance G.T. is designed for paddlers looking for a fast, stable and manoeuvrable boat. A large amount of work went into the G.T. hull to achieve the combination of speed and manoeuvrability we wanted to have. The blended hull form means the boat quickly reaches cruising speed and is easy to maintain there, while also ensuring those fast downwind runs.

The hull section changes character from a full-figured Vee at the bow entry point, rounded through the front section, to a flattened-U beneath the cockpit (no chines), then rounded again under the stern hatch to a steady blend into short keel section at the stern.

The bow and stern sections of the hull have been designed in combination to lessen ‘over-pitching' as the nose rides over large waves. Enhanced volume distribution gives a balanced boat which results in an unusually smooth and dry ride. While the rounded hull sections give a cushioning effect in waves, the flattened-U centre section provides a lean that is easy and progressive. This results in predictable and confident edging, whilst allowing the ends to 'break-away'. Turn response to edging is quick with a good turn rate; as soon as the edge is removed the boat tracks straight again with minimal overturning. The G.T. remains stable and relaxed with even extreme leans.

The shaping of bow and stern sections give a kayak that encourages small heading changes and corrections with minimal leaning. The G.T. has been designed to remain directionally neutral in gentle wind conditions with a slight turn into wind as conditions strengthen; the hull is shaped to minimise broaching in following seas.

The G.T. deck is shaped to shed any water quickly and has a conventional hatch layout with a round front hatch and rear oval. There is a standard day hatch behind the cockpit and a smaller ‘Pocket' day hatch just ahead of the paddler. An extensive array of deck elastics make for easy storage and access to bulkier items. Kajaksport hatches are fitted as standard.

The rear edge of the cockpit rim is lowered to ensure the G.T. is easy to roll and has a contour close behind the cockpit to give an easy and smooth snag-free entry. Across from the day hatch is a clear flat area to allow fitting of a deck mounted tow system.

Adjustable fittings are incorporated in order to carry split paddles on the front or rear deck. All deckline fittings are recessed for a neat and smooth look, and snag-free rescue drills.

The integrated thigh braces of the cockpit rim, combined with the adjustable seat ensure a precise fit that provides accurate feedback and handling. The adjustable plate footrest is angled for a strong natural ankle position which allows the paddler to finely adjust their leg alignment; matching this with the adjustable seat, places the paddler in a dynamic and comfortable position for paddling.

A choice of the standard Rockpool seat or the Performance ‘deep' seat can be fitted to the G.T. The seats are moulded GRP shells which are adjustable front-to-back at 10mm intervals.

The G.T. is a large boat with impressive handling - it is fast and manoeuvrable with crisp and precise edging; a big boat that handles like a smaller one.


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