The TARAN 16

The Taran 16 does everything its big brother does but in a slightly shorter fashion! Cockpit and deck layout are the same as the full size Taran but the overall length has been reduced. This gives even more manoeuvrability and a nice smooth ride over larger steep seas. The 16 is a fast boat that you can throw about.

Stepping away from convention once again, speed has not been reduced - the 16 is not going to live in the shadow of its big bother. The trademark downwind handling is still there too, combined with excellent surf handling. The 16 really comes to life with a nice wave to surf!

The high volume front deck has been retained and the hull form is very close to the original Taran, just a touch shorter!

The Taran 16, like a Taran - surf, speed and stability (but fits in the garage easier!)

TARAN 16 - In the Detail:
Hull: Length 16 feet 8 inches (508 cm) - Width: 20.25 inches (51.5 cm) - Volume: 369 litres.

"When I first paddled the Taran 18 I was so impressed, it
breathed new life into my paddling. I thought, this is going to
take some beating, the 16 does just this, maybe not in its
overall speed but certainly in its versatility!
Speed, manoeuvrability and plain simple fun to paddle, all go
to sun up the Taran 16."

Jeff Allen

"The Taran 16 is a stunning boat. Compact, responsive and
effortlessly rapid in all conditions."

Joe Leach

"The idea of ditching a traditionally shaped sea kayak for a
contemporary designed fast touring boat would have had me
laughing all the way to the shore-line on December 14th
2012…But not anymore!"
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Colin McWilliams of