The design philosophy behind the ISEL was to provide a boat designed to fit the smaller paddler with a snug fitting cockpit, excellent handling and enough speed to keep up with the group on the water. The ISEL has an updated deck layout and though the deck has been lowered to give a better cockpit fit, it still has a good load carrying capacity. The hull has been updated to improve handling yet further.

This is a boat that is fast and easy to maneuver with high levels of stability. For smaller paddlers the comfortable snug fitting cockpit instills confidence in even the most testing conditions.

Between the Lines:
The ISEL has become an unforeseen hit with some more ‘conventionally’ sized paddlers who like the positive feedback and handling of a precise fitting boat when throwing it around in the big stuff!

ISEL - In the Detail:
Hull: Length: 16 feet 10 inches (5.13m) - Width: 21 inches (0.53m) – Volume: 276 litres

The ISEL is a high performance sea kayak for smaller sized paddlers. Following on from the successful prototype testing we incorporated a number of changes into the production boat. The hull has increased volume in the nose for a dry ride out through surf and an enhanced tail section to give smooth ride characteristics when climbing over steep waves (and a good pick-up when surfing!) The overall length has been shortened slightly to make off the water storage and handling a little easier too. The waterline length however remains, in order to maintain a nice turn of speed. When held flat the hull tracks in a straight line even when coasting, and has been balanced by a combination of volume distribution and shape to give neutral directional stability in most wind conditions. Even though the ISEL is a smaller boat it retains enough volume and shape in the bow and stern to shed water in the roughest conditions, giving a smooth, dry ride.

The hull section changes character, from a Vee at the entry point of the bow, rounded through the front section, soft chined under the cockpit, rounded again under the stern hatch to a defined keel section at the stern. The rounded sections of the hull give a cushioning effect in waves while the chined section aids surfing and maximizes top speed in downwind situations. In testing we have been pleased with the ease of wave catching and the high top speed when surfing. The square sides above the chined section combined with the width gives high secondary stability when the ISEL is edged or leaned. The chines also assist turning when the boat is placed on edge. Towards the limit of edging the ISEL firms up and remains a stable and predictable platform. The hull volume distribution progressively disengages the stern during edging, making the kayak easily maneuverable as the stern keel raises to the surface, releasing its grip and aiding turning.

The lowered deck of the ISEL, combined with the integrated thigh braces of the cockpit rim and the adjustable seat, make for a precise fit that provides accurate feedback and instills confidence. The ISEL is fitted with the Rockpool Kayaks designed adjustable plate footrest. This is angled for a strong natural ankle position which allows the paddler to finely adjust their leg alignment. Matched with the adjustable seat this places the paddler in a dynamic and comfortable position for paddling.

The seats are moulded GRP shells which are adjustable front-to-back at 10mm intervals. The adjustable seat and footrest are mounted on internal hull fixings without drill holes. This relieves the cockpit rim and deck of unnecessary stress and provides a variable seat position for increased feedback to the paddler. The foam hip pads, located within neoprene pockets, may be foam shimmed to fine tune hip fitment. The backrest integrates with the seat to prevent diving while entering.

The rear edge of the cockpit rim is lowered to makes the ISEL easy to roll and even hand roll. Adjustable fittings are incorporated in order to carry split paddles on the front or rear deck. All deckline fittings are recessed for a neater, smoother look and to make life a little easier during rescue drills.

The ISEL is a cracking little boat - as fast as our larger boats; it is comfortable and manoeuvrable with crisp and precise handling.